Özdaş engineering , established in 1996.All kinds of in the industrial automation sector; A reliable and timely solution to the goal of the goal, the trust and satisfaction of customers is an establishment.

With educated cadre , industrial automation,scada,HMI ,stepper motor,servo motor ,on  topics we produce solutions to our customers.Özdaş engineering, a global power and management company of EATON (moeller) company automation system integration has been continuing  successfully since 2010.

The most important reason why our partnerships with our customers are long-term  reflecting our knowledge, experience and experience in the most accurate way, to ensure that processes are passed smoothly and without incident.

Companies that provide services from us, we are producing solutions that take it one step further in the digital World.

According to today's economy, we are creating the optimum solution and producing the solution in a smooth and short time.

As a result of the work we have done, we have developed special applications in project management. We know very well that each plant has a flexible structure according to its own structure.

We guarantee customer satisfaction in every work we do and provide suitable solutions according to quality standards.

Özdaş Engineering has been successful in the Turkish Distributorship of SERAD S.A.S, AEC Srl, Lafert S.p.A., Metronix Meßgeräte und Elektronik GmbH, which are among the world brands in the field of industrial automation.

With dealer and authorized technical organization, Turkey’s  reaches to every point and provides customer satisfaction.

Our Revision Services

If a system is inadequate or is no longer able to unfulfill its purpose, our company will handle the system again in line with the customer's request . Our expert team re-projects and implements the system based on the old system or completely changing it. In this case, working together with the customer, the old system conditions are determined and the system is re-activated as soon as possible.

Automation Systems and Projecting

Our company creates all kinds of automation system according to the demands of the customer and the necessity of our time and provides the necessary infrastructure. Then it formed a common platform with customers and switched to the bidding stage .After determining the time and after the necessary studies bid results of the project will be repeated.The major details we pay attention ,thanks to information we have about the automation  business and provide time savings the system.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

Professional, serves as a support system through knowledge possessed by our expert team. Able to respond rapidly to customer problems. We can guarantee these applications while the problem in order to avoid customer's loss due to loss of work time, try to solve as soon as possible or in some emergency situations system, partly by putting the customer will be created as soon as the solution to experience these losses. We also respond in writing to our customers' questions or advice,provide the self-sacrifice and opportunity for our customers to never face the same problem , Training staff and increasing the quality of the product.

Periodic Maintenance Services

We do the routine maintenance that is necessary for the systems to work properly. Against possible problems with our previous tests we can prevent your company from being exposed to greater costs.

Smart Home Automation Solutions

With special comfort, security and energy management, we offer solutions to make your home, workplace and your building a place where you can live a peaceful and comfortable life. We offer solutions that protect you against smoke, carbon dioxide, water and temperature at every corner of your home, with state-of-the-art products that reduce unnecessary energy consumption with precision sensors, reduce the cost of your home, workplace and building, and make you feel safe.